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These handy session packs were introduced into the CC Moore product range over 5 years ago, and have established themselves as a ‘go-to’ product for the angler looking for the convenience factor in their baiting needs! Designed for the short session or weekend angler, they contain all you need to keep the bites coming all year round, and the assortment of products inside the neat CCM camo bucket give you plenty of baiting options to cover most types of fishing situations.

The Boilie Session Packs are available in all of our four food bait ranges, so if you are a fan of any of the individual boilies produced by CCM will be catered for. Let’s take a more detailed look at the contents, and how to get the best from this handy product.

What does each pack contain?

First and foremost, boilies! Each pack comes supplied with 1kg of shelflife baits in 15mm or 18mm diameter. These are contained in a handy, re-sealable bag to maintain freshness once opened. These baits are the perfect consistency for fishing directly on the hair, and are hard enough to withstand any attention from other species and also be introduced by catapult or throwing stick. A great tip for when fishing short day sessions or overnighters is the simple PVA Stringer. Try fishing a standard bottom bait on your set up, and attach a small 3 or 4 bait stringer when casting out. Not only does this help to eliminate any tangles but it also ensures you have a small mouthful of bait around your rig to entice any passing carp down for a closer look! A small scattering of free offerings in the area and you will be fishing incredibly effectively.

Secondly, matching 6mm pellets. Each bucket is supplied with 2kg of 6mm pellets that directly match your chosen boilie. These super-attractive pellets are a great option if you want to prime a few marginal areas such as overhanging snags, lilies or set a little baited trap along a shelf to intercept a margin cruiser!  They are also a great addition to spod mixes, to offer the carp a tasty morsel that will slowly break down, releasing it’s feeding triggers and attractors as it does. Our favourite way of fishing these pellets is in a golf ball sized PVA mesh bag simply nicked onto the point of the hook before casting out. If you like, you can mix some pellets with some crumbed up or chopped boilies to really get the carp digging around on the bottom and searching for each individual feed item…..a great short session tactic!

Next come matching pop ups! The Boilie Session Packs contain a pot of 10 matching pop ups, to fish effectively alongside your chosen boilie flavour. These 15mm Airball pop ups can be used with a whole multitude of different rig presentations, but especially lend themselves to popular rigs such as the Chod rig and the ever popular Ronnie rig. Like the boilies themselves, they are designed to withstand the attentions of any nuisance species, but are also ‘needle friendly’, thus making them very simple to attach to any presentation. They can be tied on with floss, or if you prefer to fish them on a snowman type set-up, simply pierce them with a slim needle and secure them on the hair using a plastic bait stop. They are designed to be extremely buoyant, and will present a Chod set up perfectly for an overnighter, especially if tied on using floss. Packed with the same attractors used in our food baits, they make a superb hookbait option for when you don’t want to use a fluoro pop up and prefer to use a more neutral colour. You could always try adding a small coating of the matching bait dip if you really want a boost of extra attraction around the rig…a perfect method for casting rigs to a fish that has just showed for example!

Lastly, some liquid attraction! CC Moore are world renowned for developing and supplying superb liquid attractors to use in conjunction with each food bait. The Boilie Session Packs contain a 100ml bottle of the matching boilie dip, which is normally sold individually in a 500ml bottle. This smaller size is great for short sessions, and can be used in lots of different ways with the other pack contents to grab you a few extra bites! The boilie dip is concentrated, so you don’t need to use lots to really boost your feed items and send strong feed inducing signals to any carp in your area. As the liquid is designed to be PVA friendly, you can simply give any PVA bags of pellets or boilie crumb a coating before use, or even glaze a few baits to be used on stringers for a concentrated area of attractor release. These liquids can all be used with confidence in even the coldest water conditions, as the ingredients used in the formulas are all water soluble and non oil-based. Why not try making up a few small PVA bags of pellets mixed with crumb, and give each bag a little glaze of liquid and leave them overnight prior to your planned session. The liquid will really infuse into the bag contents, and are sure to be super-attractive to any carp!

So that is a brief description of the Boilie Session Pack range. They are a great choice for the convenience angler, quick overnighter or simply someone who wants to keep some bait in their car for that opportunist stalking session. Be sure to check them out!

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