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    Belachan Block

    REF: 99233

    Belachan is Fermented Shrimp from Malaysia and is a highly effective fish attractant. It has a salty, fishy taste and a pungent shellfish aroma that acts as a strong natural flavour label and potent natural appetite stimulant. Belachan blocks are like large stock cubes and are superb for making paste baits or for grating into boilie mixes, bag mixes or particles before cooking.


    Product Description

    Belachan is a simply legendary fish attractor and is a natural product produced in Malaysia. It is Fermented Shrimp Paste which is primarily used as a human food additive that delivers a deep, salty taste and aroma acting as a flavour label and a natural appetite stimulant. 

    Over many years, experienced and knowledgeable anglers have used this product to great effect adding it to all different forms of bait.

    Belachan Block Properties:

    • Dense, 250g, Oxo cube-like block of shrimp paste
    • This is a human food grade product from Malaysia 
    • Very strong salty natural shellfish taste
    • Pungent, savoury fermented shrimp aroma
    • Extremely soluble, ideal for year-round use
    • Highly attractive to most coarse fish; 100% natural
    • Rich in protein, salts and naturally occurring butyric acid
    • Excellent as paste and for moulding around hookbaits & leads 
    • Superb for boosting boilies, particles, spod and bag mixes

    Usage Tip:

    Excellent grated into particles, method, spod or stick mixes using a fine cheese grater, included at up to 75g/kg dry mix.

    In boilie mixes, best results are achieved by adding the grated Belachan into the liquid egg and then being left for 10-15 minutes prior to mixing/rolling.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.


    Even though this product is purchased as a human food grade product, it should not be eaten by humans as it is not stored in human food conditions.