Plastic Pop Up Pot

    REF: 96134

    These are high quality, durable pop up pots with a secure screw lid which tightens well enough to ensure even liquids don’t leak out. The pots are clear and are ideal for storing dry and glugged hookbaits as well as any other tackle, bait or food item you want to store fresh and in rodent or vermin-proof conditions. Available in 150ml and 250ml sizes.


    Product Description

    Strong plastic containers that help keep your bait in prime condition.

    Plastic Pop Up Pot Properties:

    • Strong, securely sealed container 
    • Perfect for pop ups and hookbaits
    • Clear plastic pot with black screw lid
    • Also ideal for glugging hookbaits
    • 150ml pot hold around 40 x 14mm baits with liquid
    • 250ml pot hold around 35 x 18mm baits with liquid

    Customer Guidance:

    Wash with warm water to clean thoroughly before reusing.