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    Trout/Halibut Pellet Oil

    REF: 92429

    This is premium quality blended fish oil which is used in the production of trout, salmon and halibut pellets which are all extremely attractive to carp and other coarse fish. It is a very cost effective, energy rich liquid food which adds a distinctive oily-fish profile to baits, making it a superb, warm water coating for boilies and hookbaits and a great additive for spod mixes, bag mixes and other loose feeds. It is 100% PVA friendly.


    Product Description

    This premium quality blended fish oil is the highly attractive oil used by some the world’s largest fish feed producers in the manufacture of trout, salmon, shrimp and halibut pellets.

    Not only does it supply energy, omega 3 oils and other valuable nutrients, it also gives baits a rich natural taste and aroma that clearly stimulate fish to feed strongly over a prolonged period. 

    Trout/Halibut Pellet Oil properties:

    • Highly concentrated natural energy source 
    • Disperses up through water column to pull fish down
    • Lasting natural fishy taste that triggers repeated feeding 
    • Strong, fishy aroma that penetrates bait and particles
    • Highly attractive to Carp, Roach, Barbel & other species
    • Excellent in spod mixes when fishing zigs
    • PVA friendly – superb in bag and stick mixes
    • Contains valuable Omega 3 fish oils
    • This product is 100% fish oil

    Usage Tip: 

    Trout/Halibut Pellet Oil makes a superb loose feed additive that will coat any bait particles and flow up through the water column once the bait is immersed. Ideal for use in warm water and when spodding over zigs as well as ‘final coating’ hookbaits.

    Customer Guidance: 

    This product should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.