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    Squid Hydro

    REF: 90000

    Squid Hydro is a soluble, inky-black natural liquid for adding to boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds to stimulate a strong feeding response in all water temperatures. It is a 100% natural product derived from Pacific Ocean Squid with only pink Himalayan rock salt added to stabilise it and add more attraction in the form of valuable minerals and trace elements. Squid Hydro is PVA friendly and is a strong, natural, water soluble colourant.


    Product Description

    Squid is a ‘cephalopod’ that is present in many of our seas and oceans and is widely used in both human food and animal feed, providing a valuable source of protein, amino acids and zinc, magnesium, selenium and vitamins. 

    Squid Hydro is a highly soluble natural bait additive that can be used as a boilie or hookbait ingredient to deliver valuable nutrients, attractors and palatability enhancers, which stimulate a strong feeding response in all water temperatures. It is also superb for coating boilies, pellets and hookbaits and adding to loose feed mixes to boost their attraction. 

    Squid Hydro Properties:

    • Another attractor-packed, CC Moore-exclusive product
    • Completely natural, thick, silt-black squid liquid
    • A pungent, rich, savoury natural squid aroma
    • A savoury, earthy natural ‘umami’ type taste
    • Contains highly soluble, amino acid-packed squid protein. 
    • Creates an incredible, black, inky cloud of attraction in your swim 
    • High solubility and digestibility - designed for year-round use 
    • Superb for silt colour-matching boilies, hookbaits and loose feeds
    • PVA friendly so ideal in bag and stick mixes
    • Dense liquid - also penetrates the lakebed for lasting pulling power
    • pH 3.9 - strongly acidic

    Usage Tip: 

    Use up to 30ml/kg in boilie, particle, PVA bag and spod mixes; also, superb for using alone in PVA bags and for boosting freebies, pellets and glugging hookbaits for intense natural attraction.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. This product may temporarily stain skin and clothing but may be washed off with soap and warm water.