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5kg Live System Boilies +Hookbaits +Liquid Food

This special offer bundle gives you 5kg Live System Boilies, a pot of Live System hookbaits & 500ml Liquid Food at an unbeatable price.

Live System Boilies

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Liquid Food

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Product Description

Choose the bait size and type you want of our irresistible Live System Boilies and get a 5kg bag along with a pot of our Live System hookbaits and 500ml of one of our legendary liquid foods, all of which have been offered in this deal for the way they perfectly compliment and can enhance the attraction and hooking potential of your Live System Boilie presentation.


To increase the attraction of your Live System boilies, give them a covering of your chosen liquid food then let it soak in thoroughly before you use them. This can be repeated several times before use. For freezer baits, simply take them out of the freezer, allow them to thaw, coat in liquid and then re-freeze. We advise doing this only once, but they can be coated again during your session and should not be re-frozen again.