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    Response + Fish Bait Booster

    REF: 90322

    Response+ Bait Boosters add highly stimulatory food signals to your baits that will quickly and consistently induce fish to feed in even the most unfavourable conditions. Response+ Fish Bait Booster is a grey-brown liquid with a pungently fishy profile that enhances baits based on fish, yeast, shellfish and other savoury products. This great value PVA friendly liquid bait booster is also designed for year-round use.


    Product Description

    Liquid-boosting your baits increase the speed, strength, and duration of their attraction, also increasing your chance of angling success at all times. Response+ Bait Boosters have been specifically designed to give baits an intense boost of attraction to any type of bait you are using.  

    This naturally salty, pungently fishy bait booster has a rich, savoury shellfish profile and delivers a distinctive taste and aroma combination that is extremely effective in attracting fish throughout all four seasons. 

    Response+ Fish Bait Booster properties:

    • A naturally grey-brown liquid with a gravy-like consistency  
    • A pungently fishy and naturally salty profile 
    • Contains fish protein, salts, stimulants & essential oils
    • Very water soluble, excellent for year-round use
    • Easily soaks into baits, infusing them with potent attractors
    • Highly attractive to Carp, Catfish, Barbel & other species
    • Excellent for boosting boilies, pellets, spod and bag mixes
    • Low in oil, very digestible and 100% PVA friendly
    • Supplied in a 1 litre containers, excellent value for money
    • Compliments baits with a fish, spice, yeast or savoury profile

    Usage Tip: 

    Use up to 30ml/kg in spod, stick and bag mixes and ad lib for coating pellets, boilies and hookbaits. This liquid is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Trout or Halibut Pellets, Odyssey XXX boilie products, Oily Bag Mix, Fish Frenzy Spod Mix and other savoury bait products.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.