Liquid Pre-Digested Fish

    REF: 93504

    This is a pungent, acidic, grey brown fish protein liquid derived from a mixture of saltwater fish species. Often described as a liquid version of pre-digested fish meal it has an excellent amino acid profile and is very soluble in even the coldest water. It is excellent for coating boilies and hookbaits with a soluble skin of fish protein and is 100% PVA friendly.


    Product Description

    We had been keeping this one to ourselves for some time before its release, but this outstanding natural fish attractant is like a liquid version of the extremely highly rated aqua feed and fish bait ingredient, Pre-Digested Fish Meal. 

    Incredibly rich in essential amino acids and having a very high-quality crude protein content, this pure soluble liquid is a truly phenomenal year-round liquid fish attractant.

    Liquid Pre-Digested Fish Properties:

    • Light brown colour and thick ‘gravy-like’ consistency
    • Enzyme treated marine protein, rich in essential amino acids
    • Packed with tiny, natural fishy particles which really cloud the water 
    • Strong yeasty/fishy taste/aroma that compliments many bait types
    • High solubility and digestibility - designed for year-round use 
    • Completely natural, stimulates prolonged, confident feeding
    • PVA friendly so ideal in bag and stick mixes
    • Dries on baits to form a soluble, fish protein powder coating
    • pH 4.0 - acidic

    Usage Tip:

    Use up to 30ml/kg in boilie, paste, stick and spod mixes. Also, superb for using alone in PVA bags and for boosting particles, pellets and glugging hookbaits. Excellent as a cork ball hookbait ‘glaze’.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.