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    Liquid Chilli Hemp

    REF: 90113

    This unique liquid bait additive is packed with powerful natural fish feeding triggers which have been successfully used by carp and coarse fish anglers for many years. It contains pure blended hemp and human food grade chilli which together add potent natural attractors to boilies, loose feeds and hookbaits. Liquid Chilli Hemp is PVA friendly and is an outstanding booster for PVA bag and stick mixes.


    Product Description

    This highly effective, chilli hemp-based liquid food is a tangy, energy-rich additive that supplies essential nutrients and spicy edge to baits and releases fine particles and potent natural attractors to all layers of the water column stimulating a strong feeding response from Carp & other species.

    Liquid Chilli Hemp Properties:

    • Ideal for coating boilies, pellets & hookbaits for intense attraction
    • Black flecked, pepper-red, thick liquid, bursting with natural attraction
    • Spicy, natural hempy taste combined with a rich, tangy, peppery aroma 
    • Packed with omega oils, antioxidants and vitamins for year-round attraction
    • Contains human food grade chilli puree that heat-infuses every particle
    • Oils, hemp particles and soluble ingredients ensure attractors disperse to all layers of your swim
    • Superb leakage properties; ideal for spod mixes & all other loose feeds
    • PVA friendly – excellent on bag and stick mixes
    • pH 5.9 - acidic

    Usage Tip:

    Use up to 30ml/kg in boilie, bag and loose feed mixes with higher inclusion levels only increasing their attraction potential further.

    Customer Guidance:

    This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.