Why Peanut Chops Are So Effective

Author: CC Moore
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The Crunch Factor

It is difficult to pinpoint why nuts are so devastatingly good for consistently catching big, wary carp, but quite simply, they do! There are a number of different factors as to why the fish simply can’t resist that tempting crunch; first and foremost, nuts offer the carp valuable nutrients in the form of oils and fats that they can store and use for energy, which is crucial at certain times of year. Nuts are also incredibly visual, with their white natural appeal; they create a stand- out bed of goodness that the fish simply cannot resist. Even the toughest of carp to catch have succumbed to the power of the humble nut, which is testament to the ability they have in tricking those finicky feeders at times.

When nuts are mentioned, anglers instantly think of the tiger nut; the cream of the crop of nuts for many anglers, with a mottled skin and varying size, they can be superb on those waters that have been inundated with boilies. But it doesn’t stop there, with so many other good types of nut product available, it is simply down to your imagination as to what you can conjure up!

This simple how- to feature is just that, a glimpse into the formulation of an incredibly cloudy, nutty mix, incorporating a number of unique products that offer a succulent taste and aroma. Predominantly, the blend is based around the distinctive, nut shards; roasted peanut chops. These are exactly what it says on the tin, a blend of superb, raw flakes of human grade peanut. With varying sizes and densities, these chops are incredibly effective when fished on spots; stimulating the fish to feed for longer periods when sifting through the small attractive particles. They are extremely simple to prepare, being a fraction of the size of a normal sized nut; which means much less agro at home prior to a session.

These nut shards can be combined into various types of mix and are without an edge on waters that have seen the ‘standardised’ mix of hemp and boilie. Due to their small size, they are actually safe to use in small quantities without any preparation. On naturally rich waters, their white colouration mimics that of snails on the lakebed; creating small fragments of colour when fished over silt and weed. Even a few handfuls of these small peanut shavings can be enough to add the unique twist to what is normally a spod mix fish are used to seeing day in, day out. What is more impressive, they can be stored dry in the boot of your car or van and when supplies are running low, a dash of boiling water, a few hours in a bucket under the bed chair and jobs a good un!

They are extremely simple to prepare for mass baiting:

Add the desired quantity of Peanut Chops into a bucket

In their raw state, the chops are hard

Boil up a kettle of water

Pour the boiling water over the chops

Ensure the chops are fully covered

Place the lid on the bucket and leave overnight

By the morning, the chops will be fully prepared, soft and ready to introduce

The chops are incredibly effective when added to ‘standard’ particles to give that visual, nutty appeal

The shards of white mimic natural snails on the lakebed

A healthy dose of Roasted Nut Extract adds to the milky, cloudy appeal

The peanut chops compliment the Live System for the ultimate loosefeed

Small 10mm baits are most effective with the peanut shards

The cloudy aroma given off is intense

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