Milton Result- John Welton

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Catch Reports
An overnight session at Milton Abbas produced 2 of the most stunning fish I will ever catch! With mild, spring weather and south westerly winds, a quick night was needed. After a couple of circuits of the pond, I located a group of fish feeding in the margins at the top end. With just one rod placed just over a weed bed I was soon playing a 24.10 mirror!
I stayed to see if the fish would come back, but they had spooked off. I moved into the central area of the pond, baited a couple of clear spots and re-placed the rods. It was not long before I was in again but this time the fish weeded me up. It took about ten minutes before the fish came free and it shot down the centre of the lake like a steam train.
After a cracking tussle, I netted an stunningly-scaled fish at 27.10, one I had wished I would catch 1 day. To my surprise, the night and morning was very quiet and I was about to leave when I saw some colour in the pond on the other bank. It certainly looked like there was a group of fish on the feed. I took a couple of rods round and placed them about 25 yards out amongst the area of the colour. It wasn’t long before the spool was spinning! The result was an incredible 30.5 linear that hadn’t been caught for 3 years and the first time at over 30!
All fish were caught using CC Moore 15mm Pacific Tuna bottom baits, size 6 Atomic Stinga hooks, 15lb Suffix Stealth Skin hook link, 1.5oz flat pear, 18lb ESP XT Loaded main line.

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