Boat Pool Success- Gordon Beaney

Author: CC Moore
Categories: Catch Reports
After a long five-week wait due to other commitments, I was back at the gates of the Horton Boat Pool for a 3 night session.
On arrival at 4.45am on Thursday, it didn’t take long to see where the fish were. With choice of most the swims, I settled round the back and kept things at close quarters. However, by 6am, I was on the barrow and moving into a swim where the activity was looking immense.
Both rods were lowered into the near margin with Dairy Supreme hook baits, balanced down as wafter rigs, complete with just a small stick of Milk N Nut Crush. This was moistened with Roasted Nut Extract and were slid down the rigs.
I didn’t even get time to put the kettle on and the left rod was in meltdown. After an epic battle, I had netted my first Boat Pool fish and one of the A team commons at that!! The Square Common went 35.12, buzzing didn’t even come close.
The following morning 6.30am saw one of the stunning scaley Boat Pool mirrors hit the net at 18.2lb on the same tactics.

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