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Tuna Meal

REF: 90566

Tuna Meal is a rich, dark brown fish meal of consistent physical quality, which contains high levels of key nutrients. It is an ‘oily-fish’ meal with a strong tuna ‘meat’ aroma and taste that fish love. Its protein content of 62%+ is very digestible, making it ideal for year-round use in boilie, bag, stick and paste mixes. 



Product Description

All CC Moore ingredients are carefully researched and tested for their freshness, nutrient values, consistency and, ultimately, their fishing-related performance before being accepted into our range.

Tuna Meal Properties:

  • Consistent, quality controlled fine, mid brown meal 
  • Supplies a concentrated package of valuable nutrients
  • Adds a potently attractive, strong natural fishy profile 
  • Rich tuna aroma & taste that stimulates strong feeding 
  • High quality marine protein, rich in essential amino acids
  • Supplies high quality protein, effective for year-round use
  • Protein content; 62%, Oil; 10%
  • Highly effective in any savory base mix 
  • Superb in mixes with 5-10% Pre-Digested Fish Meal
  • pH 5.5 - 6.5 – slightly acidic
  • Animal by-product Category 3, fish origin.

Usage Tip: 

Use at up to 500g/kg in base mixes. Also, very effective in PVA bag, spod and stick mixes and for using to coat pellets and floaters after being dampened with a liquid food such as Liquid Tuna Compound.

Customer Guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight. 


As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.